Vpm - XBPS helper




--color=<yes|no|auto>        - Enable/Disable colorized output (default: auto)
--help                       - (same as: help)
--help-pager                 - (same as: helppager)
--show-translations          - Show XBPS command translations for vpm sub-commands
--verbose                    - Verbose mode (shows XBPS command translations during execution)


sync                         - Synchronize remote repository data
update (up)                  - Update the system
listrepos (lr)               - List configured repositories
repolist (rl)                - Alias for listrepos
addrepo (ar) <ARGS>          - Add an additional repository
info <pkg>                   - Show information about <package>
filelist (fl) <pkg>          - Show file-list of <package>
deps <pkg>                   - Show dependencies for <package>
reverse (rv) <pkg>           - Show reverse dependendies of <package> (see man xbps-query)
search (s) <name>            - Search for package by <name>
searchfile (sf) <file>       - Search for package containing <file> (local)
list (ls)                    - List installed packages
install (i) <pkg(s)>         - Install <package(s)>
devinstall (di) <pkg(s)>     - Install <package> (and corresponding <package>-devel package(s))
listalternatives (la)        - List alternative candidates
setalternative (sa) <pkg(s)  - Set alternative for <package>
reconfigure (rc) <pkg>       - Re-configure installed <package>
forceinstall (fi) <pkg(s)>   - Force installation of <package(s)>
remove <package(s))          - Remove <package(s)> from the system
removerecursive <pkg(s)>     - Recursively remove package(s) (and its dependencies)
cleanup (cl)                 - Clean up cache directory
autoremove (ar)              - Remove orphaned packages
whatprovides (wp) <file>     - Search for package containing <file>
help                         - Show usage information
helppager (hp)               - Show usage information (will pipe output to less/more)


vpm also understands all unknown XBPS sub-commands, too:

Example: vpm uchroot <ARGS> - see also: /usr/sbin/xbps-*

[vpm] Copyright (c) 2016 Armin Jenewein <a@m2m.pm> (GPLv3+)

Author: madam

Created: 2022-10-04 Di 21:38